Vision and Mission

Vision: A space for God in the City’s Heart


Sing the songs you still can sing
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.

Adapted from “Anthem” by Leonard Cohen


To walk with Jesus in the city,
honouring the past,
transforming the present,
creating the future.

Core values:

  • We reach out to invite, include and nurture people of all ages and life positions;
  • We respect the many and varied religious and cultural traditions from which we come;
  • We provide for commitment and growth through Christian Education, Bible study and sharing groups;
  • We affirm the gifts that each person brings and provide opportunities for the development and expression of those gifts.
  • We serve people in need within our membership, in the community and throughout the world;
  • We participate in moves towards justice, peace and development for people everywhere;
  • We challenge individuals to share their gifts of time, talents and financial resources in the service of God.
  • We maintain a church property that is inviting and enables us to share in the mission of God through this community;

Basic Beliefs

  • God loves each human being.
  • The gospel message of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ is proclaimed through our teaching, preaching, service and personal witness.
  • People grow their relationship with God through worship, study, prayer and each other.
  • Our relevance to this city depends on our willingness to adapt to change as the Holy Spirit directs.

A Space For God In The City's Heart