The congregation offers different forms of study and sharing for those seeking to participate in the life of the church and grow in their faith and understanding of the Gospel. These include:

Bible study and discussion groups

These meet when required. Materials for study are essentially designed for the nurturing, development and growth of Christian Faith and Life. Specific courses include those designed for preparation for confirmation, basic understanding of Christian faith, growth in Christian discipleship. Series of studies are offered during Lent and Advent.


The Opportunity Centre is run by a supervisor and assistant who are responsible for the day-to-day operation.Volunteers serve customers each day. A significant amount of effort is contributed by volunteers in other ways as well. Volunteers are rostered with the aim of encouraging ‘ownership’ of the centre by the Congregation to provide a solid foundation for Church mission.
Funds raised by the centre have financially supported many varied projects and worthy causes and are a significant part of the outreach of the Church.opShop
The centre is a forum for outreach to people in the wider Darwin community; a form of ministry which provides for sharing faith in Christ. It encourages members of the Congregation involved with the centre to enhance their caring skills by sharing with others (including regular customers), to develop spiritually or just to be better listeners, as Christ’s witnesses. There is a sense of satisfaction in being carers and confidantes of many a desperate and desolate customer, as well as in contributing to the life of the wider Church.
The centre is administered by a Board of Management made up of members of the Congregation.

A Space For God In The City's Heart